Aqua OH

Aqua OH

When You Do This One Thing…You Can Unlock Your Body’s Natural Ability To Thrive With Energy, Have Smooth, Clear Skin And Lose Stubborn Fat…

Welcome to the wonderful world of Aqua OH! I want to share with you a simple way to achieve extraordinary results in your health, looks and your longevity.

I urge you to pay attention to the next few paragraphs because when you “get this” you will know how you can easily and naturally unlock boundless energy, shed stubborn weight, rid your body of toxins, look younger and help your immune system do its job and become supercharged. There is only one thing standing in your way…


Acid…The Enemy Keeping You From Good Health!

Here is the real zinger…everything from the energy being given off from your handheld electronic device to the food you eat, to the coffee you drink, to the air you breathe and the stress you feel when you pay your bills every month causes your body to be in an acid state. All disease is acidity.

Get The Acid Out!

Aqua OH is being used by thousands of happy users. Aqua OH has been lab-certified as possibly the highest alkaline ingestible product available and lab-certified to neutralize both lactic and uric acid.

Acid is the environment that sets the stage for a negative life event…if you can get the acid out of your system that wreaks havoc on your health, guess what happens? You nurture an inner alkaline environment. When you are in the alkaline state that your body was designed to thrive in, the benefits are awesome.


Getting the acid out of your body and maintaining an alkaline body creates an inner ecosystem that naturally supports health and wellness. It also has the pleasant effect of giving you lots of energy, clear and younger looking skin and shedding stubborn weight. An alkaline body thrives with energy, some even say “glows” with a vibrancy you  only see on the healthiest of complexions.

 The Aqua OH Difference

To the naked eye, Aqua OH looks just like water, but it is not H2O-moleculewater as you probably think of it.

Water (H2O) is comprised of molecules, 1 part oxygen and 2 parts hydrogen. Aqua OH, unlike normal water, is simply H-1-O (OH) or one part oxygen and one part hydrogen. That makes it a concentrated form of liquid known as “hydroxide”. In other words, it is a water molecule missing one of the hydrogens. One of the H’s in H2O has been removed by a proprietary process.

What happens when a water molecule needs one of its hydrogens? Mother Nature does not like being out of balance so the hydroxide molecule searches for hydrogen so it can go from a H1O molecule back to a more balanced H2O molecule.

Acid is hydrogen. This is why Aqua OH helps you pee the acid out of your body.

An ounce of Aqua OH Concentrate mixed into a 32 oz. glass of pure distilled water has the potential to dump trillions of acid-binding molecules into your body. When these H1O Aqua OH molecules are ingested they want to return to a more balanced H2O molecule so they search for the hydrogen (aka acid) in your system. When they find the hydrogen (acid) the molecules can once again become H2O and then your body can eliminate them through your urine. The result is that you pee the acidity out of your system.

Acid = Evil. Excess acidity in your body contributes to lethargy, a dull complexion, emotional imbalances premature aging, stubborn weight gain and a host of problems the FDA won’t allow us to mention. When you can get that nasty acid out of your body, you can thrive with energy and glowing health.


Alkaline Water Machines…Illusion vs. Reality

The Aqua OH concentrate is not the same as the water you get from an Alkaline Water machine. I have consumed a lot of water from alkaline water machines. I own the most expensive one on the market, the Kangen®. They can put a pep in your step but you cannot expect the same result from alkaline water made by electrolysis as you get from drinking Aqua OH.

The simple explanation is this — the water molecules you get from an Alkaline Water machine have not been changed to become alkaline. They have simply been rearranged. Because all the same components are there, with nothing added or removed, the water will gradually return to its natural state within a short period of time.

The molecular structure of the water has not changed. All the same amount of hydrogen and oxygen is still in that H2O. They have just been temporarily rearranged as they glob onto electron-charged minerals in the water but those minerals do not hold a charge for long because that is not a natural state for minerals to be in. Eventually they go back to their natural state. This is why we say ADDING ALKALINITY IS NOT THE SAME AS REMOVING ACIDITY!

Once the charge wears off the minerals, usually within hours to a day or two, the alkalinized water molecules will be eager to go back to their natural state and grab their oxygen or hydrogen molecules back from the electron charged minerals and soon the water will read on a pH scale as neutral once again.

So, you are not getting true alkaline water from these machines, you are getting temporary alkalinized water and therefore you are not removing acidity from your body when you drink the water you’ve run through an alkaline water machine. Instead, you are flooding your body with alkalinity. It is not the same thing as removing acidity.

The same principles of chemistry are true when it comes to other high alkaline water products. Nothing works to remove acid from your body like Aqua OH.

How Safe is Aqua OH?

It is as safe as pure water.  Even though in its concentrated form it reads 12.25-12.75 on the pH scale – highly alkaline – since it’s simply water missing one hydrogen molecule, it’s not caustic.  You can stick your finger into it and it feels and acts like water.

Aqua OH remains stable in that it will never lose its alkalinity until it is consumed and binds with acid.  It’s 100% naturally derived from pure water with only a little calcium added as a stabilizer, to keep those H-“1”-O molecules happy until you can drink it.

“Everything should be as simple as possible.”  – Albert Einstein

Sometimes truth is found in simplicity and you really can’t get more simple than drinking a glass of pure water with 1/3 ounce of Aqua OH concentrate in it.

Are you ready to remove acid from your body?  Acid that is so readily present because of our diet, environment and stress levels?  Are you ready to transform your inner ecosystem into a thriving alkaline environment that can make you glow with health from the inside out?  The benefits of keeping yourself alkaline are awesome.  A healthy alkaline body thrives with energy, glows with health, has a strong immune system and naturally dumps toxins and excess weight.  So what are you waiting for?  The proper alkaline/acid balance could be the key you’ve been searching for to unlock your most vibrant health potential.