Fruity Greens

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Delicious detoxifying greens and fruit blend with chlorella, spirulina and blue green algae and much more.

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The Lab Calls It a “Taste Miracle!”

Some might call us “health nuts”, but for years we have been dreaming of developing a detoxifying fruit and green drink that tastes so good that you can’t wait to have another. Well, dreams have finally become a reality. We’re not kidding when we say that this is the most delicious fruit and greens product ever developed.

If you’ve steered away from green drinks because you think they taste like the lawn then this is the drink for you! Our CEO hasn’t been this excited since the lab created Healthy Habits® Green Tea Extracts! He’s wild about Fruity Greens! We have been giving it to everyone in the office who swore they’d never drink a greens drink and they love it. Just add it to water and enjoy. It tastes like a fresh strawberry, raspberry and banana smoothie.

It’s no secret that superfood greens such as chlorella, spirulina, blue green algae, wheat grass and other are potentially the most purifying and energizing substances that we can ingest. Natural health practitioners the world over proclaim the benefits of these amazing substances! Landmark studies reveal the quick, safe and natural way that fruits and greens help to flush fat and fatigue from your body!

Researchers now know that one of the reasons we are overweight is because out systems are too acidic. Our bodies are meant to me slightly alkaline. However, because of toxins in the environment and in our food, our bodies become excessively acidic. Delicious Fruity Greens breaks the cycle of acid by flooding your body with a natural alkaline based superfood that literally flushes the acid right out of your body.*

Fruity Greens is the pinnacle of food science! Fruity Greens contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. It doesn’t contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

It does contain a hefty helping of detoxifying and energizing fruits, superfood greens, antioxidants, vegetables, fibers, and enzymes. You may have tried other powdered drinks similar to this and are thinking, “It must taste terrible,” but please believe us when we say, “Once you drink Fruity Greens you will love it, guaranteed or your money back!”

NOTE: This is a discontinued product by Healthy Habits®. It is a wonderful product but Healthy Habits® determined that it competed too much with their GREENERGY® product so they did not remake the product when it expired. We offered to take the remaining stock so those of you who love this product can still get it. When it is gone, it is gone. The product may technically be “expired” but there really is no lab test that can be applied to determine if that arbitrary date really means that there is a loss of potency. Our rule here in the office for expired product is that if it doesn’t taste or smell old or bad we use it and enjoy the benefits!


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