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This gadget can be a lifesaver!

When I sold Healthy Habits® the new owner decided he did not want to continue importing these from Korea. I picked up the remaining inventory and am making it available to you at a deep discount. Whether or not we restock them will depend upon how fast they sell but the new ones will be at the retail price.  Hydrogen Water can literally save lives. Watch the movies below.

Another important point, we tested various waters made with the H2CAP. We made hydrogen water using the H2CAP with tap water, bottled water, alkaline water, water with BioVitale-H2O® added and John Ellis. The result? The absolute best water was Hydrogen Water made with the H2CAP using water made with the John Ellis Water Machine. The next best water was Hydrogen Water made with the H2CAP using reverse osmosis water with BioVitale-H2O® added to the water. These two waters had the best alkaline pH and lowest ORP. It is important for the water that you drink to have a negative millivolt ORP reading of at least -25.

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Experience The Finest Hydrogen Water Available.

Introducing the most technologically advanced, compact, go anywhere
Hydrogen Water Generator on the market: the H2CAP


The H2CAP has great portability, weighing only 1.8 oz. You can use it anytime, anywhere to create hydrogen water on demand. Your H2CAP comes complete with a 16.9 oz. BPA-free bottle.

With a convenient USB power supply the H2CAP works with devices you already have: a USB charger, battery charger, mobile phone, laptop or computer.

In just three minutes and 30 seconds the H2CAP creates H2 water with up to 1000 ppb dissolved hydrogen providing amazing Oxidation Reduction Potential (negative ORP antioxidant). Normal water contains no hydrogen molecules and has high positive ORP. 

Here’s What You Get:



Your H2CAP automatically monitors the condition of the electrolysis plates and membrane and informs you when it needs to be cleaned. Cleaning (descaling) is quick, easy and hands-free.

How Does It Work?

H2CAP Manual – Click to read the E-Manual for detailed instructions*

Built-in smart technology alerts you with color-coded LED lights.

White LED Constant: H2CAP is generating Hydrogen Water
White LED Blinking: In “Cleaning” mode.
Orange LED Constant: Hydrogen Water is ready to drink OR cleaning is complete (when in cleaning mode).
Orange LED Blinking: Needs cleaning

*Do not plug in the H2CAP without water. It may cause damage to the product. If the sticker at the bottom of the H2CAP is damaged or removed the warranty will void.


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