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How do you know if you are consuming enough pure water for your body weight and lifestyle? Urine Tests Strips are a simple, inexpensive way to get necessary feedback to create a healthy lifestyle.

If you have a health problem, suspect FIRST that you are/have not been drinking enough pure water for your body weight. Health is SIMPLE, folks! Not enough oxygen going to your cells is the CAUSE of cancer and lot of other problems much less threatening. Got a problem? Make SURE you are drinking enough pure water (preferably IonPod® water with BioVitale-H2O® added). The Urine Test Strips will help you determine if you are drinking enough water. You should test at the 1.010 to 1.015 specific gravity level MAXIMUM.

Chances are, after spending 1 week making sure that your urine specific gravity is 1.010 to 1.015, you will notice that whatever “problem” you thought you had is MUCH better!

Test yourself at the same time of day at least weekly by dipping the test strip into your urine.

Protein  – this pad should test negative. If you test positive you should see your doctor immediately.

Specific Gravity – this pad on the urine test strip will allow you to see if you are consuming enough pure water for your body weight. This is a urine test. If the reading is higher than 1.010, you are not consuming enough pure water for your body weight and need to follow the above water drinking instructions. Insufficient water or the wrong kind of water is the #1 health problem in America. Monitor your entire family at least weekly. Read “Your Body Cries For Water” available from Amazon.com.

pH – this pad on the urine test strip will allow you to test your urine pH and saliva pH to help insure that you are in the best of health. The pH rules may be found here: https://www.biri.org/pdf/pH-Calciums.pdf but the basic rules are:

•    Your urine pH should never be higher than your saliva pH.
•    Your Saliva pH should never be below 6.5.
•    The total of your two pH’s should be very close to 12.8.
•    The spread between the two pH’s should be no more than .5 points (ex: 6.2 / 6.7).

The Urine pH and Saliva pH should be monitored by every member of your family. Test both at least weekly always at the same time of day.

The above 3 items, which can be self-tested, are some of the most important tests that each human being should be performing at least weekly. It will save you thousands of dollars in medical bills and help you live a long, healthy life.


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